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What Is A Good Starter Trick?


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Aup mate

The first thing to do is when you get your bike is get used to it and then try a do the tricks. but i would thirst start by do a track stand which you do by staying still on your bike and just move the bars to balance your self and then try and do a back hop by endowing and then bouncing on the back wheel, then when you are confident with back hopping put i kick in which will make your bike move forward, but don't worry if you carn't do it first time its is just practise and a lot of it.

hope this helps. sam

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Im goin to borrow a friends bike which i might buy on saturday and sunday. What would be a good move to learn as i am a beginner? cheers

First of why are you goin to buy it on saturday and sunday im sure you'l save money buying once ! :P

As for a starter move learn how to track stand! Start with the basic moves first!

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i would just start doing bunny hops then try moving on to pedal kicks they are not to hard to learn it took me a day to learn them try all week end and by sunday you should be able to pedal kick up a curb.

the trick is kick the drive chain compres your self over the backwheel then realise all of your body that you have comresed forward whilst giving the drive chain a hard kick.

over people may do them diffrent like maybey endo into a backhop possition then compess and kick or just lean back compress and kic try diffrent ways ans see what you find more comfty.

hope i helped


also spend a hour or so a day practising your strack stands dont spend all day though because they just get borring, they may be borring but they are you most important skill.

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Get practising the track-stand! Not only is it really useful as a foundation for your balance, but you are more likely to make real progress with it quicker than other moves. Getting good at that in a variety of situations will serve as a confidence boost as you work on other moves which take more perserverence like the back hop and pedal hop. Took me alot of time to manage pedal hopping, but I kept telling myself that I'd got the backhops dialled and the trackstand too so it was only a matter of sticking at it.

Types of trackstands to practise:

  • Front wheel up slope (balancing back and forth using bike weight - pedal pressure)
  • Front wheel down slope (balancing back and forth using front brake to compress front tyre - pull back of bars)
Then you can extend the front wheel up a slope to resting the wheel on an obstacle!

Also, the Front wheel down a slope (using the tyre compression to boost you backwards) is the starting point for rolling backwards type moves :)

To keep things interesting why not try a whole mix of moves as well like bunny hopping, endoing (leading to rockwalking). There are plenty of moves to keep you from getting bored :)


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