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07 Saracen Trials Bikes


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Hey all i was at work today (halfords) and saw the new saracen 07 catalouge and they have made 4 new trials bikes called the flea 1 , 2,3 and 4 and to my suprise there was a 24 inch one similar to the zoot

what do you guys think ??

IPB Image

personally i think its a good bike for a beginner (Y)

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Was looking at our catalogue of these at work.

They look alright.

Don't understand why they've put SRAM X-9s on them..when we're just gunna twat them on rocks.

High-end one has a rear HS33, and fron Avid Juicy Seven. - Not bad. :)

Also got that 24" one. Guessing it's the same idea as the Zoot. - Not a streety 24".

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Anyone else notice that in the picture the 24" forks' mounts are in the wrong place?

God I'm sad...

I noticed that at work actually. :$

If you look closely, the slave is sat right up at the top, so if you moved the moutns down, might line up? B)

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they've put shit hubs on them though :( why could they make them all singlespeed and put acs claws on them? would kick the shite out of the 8speed freewheels there running(which skip when your just pedal around normally)? gah it's stupid (and put me off saracen again)

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I don't know I do not like it so much.Maybe those loads of cogs at rear wheel....this is not XC bike it's trials bike why they put stuff like that on it????And I'm not very amazed by the drop outs...I still like much better a leeson or curtis 24"...maybe this one with some nice wheels and ss will look great...

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Forget the trials bikes, saracen have no place in trials even at those prices.

Umm, how the f**k can you say that? :angry:

Saracen are trying to put out a bike that can be used by a first time rider. If I was new to trials I would go for something like that to start on. Plus having some gears on it would mean that I could ride to my mates house without having to worry.

I for one applaud Saracen for what they have done for trials. They and Onza have mass produced good starter bikes for a range of people.

Why cant someone buy that bike and as they get better upgrade parts? There is no reason.

Ok I admit some parts could've been better thought out. But saracen are a bike company, they dont specialise in one area, they do everything from road to dh.

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even if they don't specialise they should try to research the market better it's common sence realy! I'll agree that some aspects are good, they give good bar/stem, crank seups but they f**k up the hubs which are prety important (in my opinion) even if your a n00b at riding you still want to be able to trust your rear hub knowing it won't skip even if your just hopping around on curbs a nasty skip can f**king hurt!

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At the end of the day these are budget bikes, made by someone who wants to sell them to the masses. Bearing in mind these bikes arn't exactly top end, whilst equally no tbeing crap. These are aimed at people first starting trials up, even the £650 one. Not many people who already have a trials bike are going to move on to a full build saracen.

So when you imagine joe average, with mummy and daddy looking for a trials bike for chirstmas they don't know everything about bikes. They know the simple details, and will only ask simple questions. They know what gears are, and the steritypical question is "How many gears has it got?". Hence the reason for the grears being there, of course they do serve other purposes other than a selling point to joe average. Now people will say, why couldn't they spec a higher spec hub, cranks, cassete, chain. At the end of the day yes you could put a better spec hub on there, but to be honest everyone seems to have problems with hubs until you start using hope/chris king hubs.

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  • 5 months later...

sorry about the massive bump.

but my future housemate at uni is going to get a trials bike (thanks to me :P )

thinking about to get the Flea 1 for him, simple and i can get it cheap for him...just looked for most relevant places and there don't seem to have the geo for the bike (just shows how good saracen 'cares' about trials if they don't notice the geo is the key to how the bike rides)

wondering if anyone could help me on that one? just wheelbase and chainstay length would be great.

thanks for the help!


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