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Short Or Long Frame


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long bikes feel terrible for me, gapping is harder, and so is backwheeling, more importantly they are a twat to spin

short bikes rule for everything, except for just standing there balancing on the backwheel where long bikes seem to have there only advantage

i agree with paul i have a short bike and i luv it

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long definitly since i used to ride a mission and now have a '07 tpro and it feels massive in length compared to the really really short prodigy frame.

p.s. i know a '07 t-pro is tat long but i have been on my friends zoo! and it soo much easier to keep the front end up

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Personaly i prefer Longer frames.

I find them so much easier to ride.

Although I dont see awful amounts of difference in the size the ride is alot better personaly.

I Think the magority of designs on the longer stocks look nicer than the shorter ones, for instance i love the look of the echo control.

Definatly think you should get a longer frame mate

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