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Xc Pedals - Flatties


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I've just ordered myself a Trek Fuel 80 off www.paulscycles.co.uk but it comes with spd's, so im in need of some flatties. Im tempted to cave in and get a pair of V8's, which ive got on all my bikes but i feel like being different for once.

DX's look good but maybe a bit chunky, and a bit pricey considering the bikes uses. Wouldnt mind some black ones to go with the bike colour-scheme too. (black and red)

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kona J/s pedals, yea they aint XC, but XC flats are hard to find, cos everyones so jay they have to attach their feet to there bikes(its a joke, i ride XC)

there black,good quality, grippier than v8's, cartridge bearings, so a lot better than loose ball/unsealed bearing races. and at £14.99 posted,there a bargain.

if you want real light, cheap, flatties, ive got some off a carrera vulcan here i think, there not very good, as in i dont find em too grippy, there probably low quality bearings. but there black, and there light, and theyll be on your door step soon. but i wouldnt trust em.

seriously J/S pedals.(or some of them new atomlab ones on wiggle, the super thin ones, at £22.49, they look tasty)

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I personally ride Odessey Jim Cs they're awsome, some of the cheapest well designed pedals, the platform is concave with replaceble pins, they come with like 50 extra pins of different lenghts, not like other pedals, "replaceble" pins but you can't find any. I really like them because the platform is bigger than on most pedals, also the pins aren't huge so they don't eat your shins up.

Basicly, same price as v8s, half the weight, bigger platform. I never tried the v8, I couldn't say if they are more grippy.

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crank bro 50-50 big old pedal maybe a bit overkill but lovely grip

wellgo v12 copies sealed bearing unit for £30 (which i run)

wellgo magnsium £40 light as anything and again fully sealed (these are by far the best value ones out there)

DX are lush, and you get a full set fo replacement pins

Azonic X-pedals (Xtension pedals) really really grippy i used to use for trials but they didnt stand up to a beating but would prob do for xc (pricey but pimp)

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