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I'm a bit curious about if all trials cyclists know how much their bike weigh. For some it means the world having a light weighed cycle, and spending their savings in getting it lighter...

So, how much does YOUR bike weigh? (good to add if it's an 20", 24" or 26")

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Basically, the more posts Alley Rat gets to his comment/topic the more attention he gets, he wants the attention so he can have a go at people. I now know he is going to reply to this with some kind of witty comment.

If we ignore him he might just get bored so.............. What is a decent weight for a mod???

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Think mines around 12kg (about 27lbs), 26". Got a lighter front wheel and tyre but not using it at the moment.

Being stronger obviously helps move the bike around but a lighter bike is easier. Although it seems a little silly trying to make every single last part as light as possible if you can just wear less clothes saving more weight which doesn't cost you anything!

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