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How Much Have You Spent On Your Bike?


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hes just curious, lay off

Hmmmm youve been a member for 2 weeks and even this year there have been to topics about this already



stay on the forum for a bit longer and you will learn to understand

lol simp you do make me laugh!!! well mine worths about 1-1.2 k

More like 50p!!! hahaha good olde mission.... lol its NOT a BT... still a mission at heart :P

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i got my 2005 t-mag as a whole bike which cost £500. this t-mag is the spec 2. i got this cheap. Then i have changed the stem and bars which costs me £70. then i got some knew cranks, bottom bracket, pedals. which costs £170. also i got a new back wheel. which costs £40.


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i bought a onza t-pro last august costing me £419. then about aweek later i bought zoo riser bars costing £35 at the same time i bought a try-all stem costing me £35. i have also bought two pairs of plazmatic crm pads which cost me £34. so with everything i have spent £533(my god it all adds up). also at christmas i got a try-all 108.9 freewheel but i didn't buy that i got it as a present

cheers lou.

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Woo big numbers you didn't have to say it like that, in big bold letters you aint going to get validated that way you know.

Plus read the rules for newbies you might learn something about getting validated.

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