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How Much Have You Spent On Competions?


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First of all, i dont care if you think itys a crap topic, anyone who posts saying anything remotely bad about the topic i will personally make it my job to make the rest of your stay on trials-forum hell :turned:

Back on topic, how much have you spent on trials functions, competions like the bikeshow, ymsa, british rounds, tykes...

Ive done Ymsa for 3 years sooo..

30 pounds ( 10 pounds membership each year)

6 rounds in each year at 10 pounds 18 times 10 equals £180 so thats £210 on ymsa (worth every penny imo)

Bike show twice thats £40.

So overall i have spent £250 on trials functions and competions.

answer away...

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2 pounds 50! 1 practice session at thriftwood with danny butler..... never really liked natty too much... my parents dont take any interest in the sport so wont give me a lift up to comps or anything.... so ill wait until ive passed my driving test then start going see if i like it

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Id say danny butler or ben savage could well have racked up a fair credit card bill over the last few years.

Personally, about 3 quid going to see a local demo which I was late for and missed all the riding!

For me to try even consider entering a comp would cost atleast aroud £50, and that would probobly only get me as far as scotland!

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iv budgeted £8,500 for THIS year alone!!!! (Y)

i spent over £6,000 last year on travel expenses and such forth.

i wouldnt like to think of what it has cost Savage or Butler, they have done it YONKS!!!!

Last year i took an £8k loan, and it was the best £8k id spent in my whole entire life. it got my van transformed and gave me a trip around the world that was so eye opening and really inspiring, different ways of life and such forth in different countries, iv budgeted OVER £10k for next year which will include 1 or maybe 2 trips to Australia. (Y):) luckily i have got sponsorship in £££ form this year, im hoping that i will receive that next year, we will just have to hope this years competitions go well and the year is injury free.


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That sounds like a lot of money guys! but im sure its not ill spent.

Has got me thinking. There are a lot of bike trial riders in the uk that realy do follow the comps just like the mototrials riders do.

Its an alltogether different concept from trials as we know it , ie big street moves/vids.

I am aware of it!( i was brought up on kickstart !),,,,,but im sure a lot of the little guys that buy a trials nowadays think trials is a street thing.

What im trying to say , is that ive always been so pleased there is a hardcore to trials ie you guys that do the comps.

Maybe its cause i was born in Yorkshire i dunno?

but now ride 24 cuase its fun


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f**k me I thought the butlers would have been around the 10k mark but if you are wayne then no doubt it's a whole load more for the likes of them.

edit: spose the butlers would be more than anyone else seeing as there are two of em but still....

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spent £1000 of plane tickets to singapore and japan last year, spent monty on travels to france, spain, czhec, and the indoor euro champs (forgot where it was).

There was also tyketrials, brit champs, ymsa.

I recken maybe £2000-£3000 was spent on comps last year.

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