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My Front Magura


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Them new rock pads which are designed for smooth rims. The green colored ones. Should work good.

I used to run zoo pads on the front with a smooth rim and no tar. It almost matches the bite and hold of my avid bb7 that i have on now.

Give it ago and see how it goes.


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Give the rim a fresh grind and sand the pads down by using some lightweight sand paper and laying it on a smooth surface, then rubs the pad up and down its legnth in the direction the rim is going to travel. Giving it a bath bleed might help.

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I have had the same problems mate and to be totally honest i would just scrap the magura's on the front full stop. I would reccomend a hundred times round a good v brake. Nothing will match a xtr front v brake! get some nice plazmatic pads for them off tarty baikes and your onto a winner! as for the front magura my crm plazmatic pads worked ok! but nothing compared to my v brake which is only a little avid with cool pads, so im sorry dude but i wouldnt carry on with magura's especially seeing how easy it is to set up v brakes.

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