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Hey guys... I went to college with a guy called Martin Frika who showed me a video on this site of him doing a Face plant.

I was wondering if any one has a decent copy of the video they could please post up. I have searched for it but cant find a good copy any where so any help would be great.


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broken nose for sure....... big gap though would be interestesd if it put him off riding his bike

No broken nose just lost/ chipped a few teeth and lots of blood. Didnt put him off at all. He wanted to ride the Essex Biketrial comp the next day but the doctor didnt think it would be a good idea. Frikas a legend!

The popularity of this video was insane. It was an internet phenomenon- I think half of the world must have seen this video by now in and outside of the Trials world. It got a few million hits on stupidvideos.com (or a similar site) appeared in the Daily Mirror, FHM.com and was even meant to appear in a feature film :S

It was either 2001 or 2002 it was filmed.

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