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Gap Years


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Just wondering if anyone is planning on a gapyear after this school year? Or in the future, or has been on one in the past?

Well, my girlfriend and I have been planning ours for a while now, and we booked the tickets earlier in the week, so its all happening now!!

Manchester to Singapore>2night stop over>Singpore to Brisbane>in Australia :thumbsup:

We going for around about a year, will be chilling, but also working :P

This is our home for most of a year:

Front view from road


Outside from back








So nice :) And only a 5 min walk from the beach B)

Also will be looking to go across to New Zealand in '08, should be good, especially Queenstown.

So anyone else planning or been on a gap year?

Great opportunity for photography :)

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im on my gap year lol My main plan was to save money for uni, but thats not working too well. Im just enjoying myself at the mo. Working full time, going on holiday. Going driving around europe soon hopefully so that should be fun. Just getting a look out on the real world before I plunge back into education *sigh*

read your post now, i see

My mate has done something similar. Hes gone to whistler to stay in a house, and is working as an estate agent receptionist over there (that was intended lol, he wanted to be a ski instructor) hes doing well, im missing him quite a bit to be honest but hes having an ace time and hes glad hes done it

It will be something you'll never forget, youll meet so many new people! :D

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Wow nice place!

I was planning on having a year or so out after my and my gf's college courses to spain, because she lived there for 4 years and speaks it fluent. But seeing as were not together anymore i think thats gone out of the window. Ohh Well. might just pack my bag, quit work, quit college and f**k off for a while now.

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Im actually in my gap year too :P working etc raising funds, but gf has gotta finish her A levels this summer.

It's her Auntie's house (Y) Should be able to get jobs round the area, there is a island resort 20mins away which we've asked bout jobs and they said they do take travellers/students on etc.

I was actually offered a job in Syndey when i was going out but its not where we are based, as we got pretty much free accomodation (maybe help out with the food bills :P)

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I did a gap year last year, went to Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and New York. When we got to OZ we bought a car and drove up the east coast. It was bloody awesome. I didnt bother working when i was there because i'm lazy and it's too hot. Make sure you go to New Zealand its bloody mint.

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Planning on doing Asia, Thailand, Korea, China (done but would like to again), Vietnam, Japan etc,

Then am going to go to Oz, work for enough to fly to New Zealand, Work there for abit, get to see it all, and decide if I want to go back or not.

Go to Canada on the way home, and then decide if id like to live there as well.

Basically its a check out as many countries as I can.


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  • 5 months later...

Well, 5 months down the line, im still here, under 4 weeks to go now :D

Been looking what we want to do in Singapore, we are going on the Night Safari, but thats only 45minutes, we have like i said, 2 nights/2 and a half days there.

I would like to go to Jurong Bird Park, will have to see.

Here are some more pics: They had a pool put in, and its recently been finished (gf's cousins in the shot)

Pool is 4.6x10 metres




This is the distance from their house to the beach :o


June is their December pretty much here, as their christmas is boiling hot summer. So say they are in our January weather at the minute. Apparently its 25C during the day, kids are coming home from school and going straight down to the beach to have fun/chill out......

Its getting closer, and im getting more excited :D

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well when we have our summer in june/july/august, they are having their winter period

and when we have cold crappy weather in november/december/january, they are having their boiling summer.

like i said, they are like in our january/february time at the minute, and they got 25C, that would be a nice summers day here in july.

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I'm thinking I might go spend a year or thereabouts in the Alps after I finish my degree, just cos it's such a nice place. I can go mountain biking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, remember all the French that I've forgotten, and just live the dream generally... I will probably chicken out though.

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I know the feeling of excitement, im moving to dundee on friday to go to uni. Uni doesn't start until the 9th of september, but im going over to try and get a job before all the student's arrive back and try and see as much as I can before I have to start working hard.

Packing is SO hard.

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