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Gay Internet - Router Issues

Joe Papasnap Maher

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Got new virgin internet today..comes with there little box.

I have to have there box in( i think ) as its not plugged straight into phone line..done another way.

Anywyas..got the box plugged into my router, and router into pc.

I can get on net fine...but other computers round the house cant...

Ive tried going into network settings..and allowing other user's...but as soon as i do that , my internet disconnects.

Im properly stumped...please help :(

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Sounds like Virgin have something to stop you sharing your internet mate, I don't know of a way of doing it mind you... Might be worth giving them a call?

BT used to do something similar I think...

And "the box" - is that a phone / modem splitter box or is it a Modem?

Ill give them a call, bear with me.

Ill see what they say.

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