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The Big Question Is It Classed As Frame Or Forks


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I think in the past Ive always refered to them as the 'framey forky thingy' but yeah, thinking about it, I'd call it a frame.

Ali, you're making it very tempting to grow a beard just so I get to use some of your phrases! Although being 17 it wouldn't really be a propper beard, not piraty enough.

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frames hold >>>>>>>wheels<<< rigidly and hold cranks, brakes and seat post/seat.



You said wheels aaron uni cycles have one wheel, so that means it cant be a frame lol

baaah I think Ali is going to win this arguement at this rate :(

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Woo, I can be Ali C's captain boy! hm... I wonder if theres a way of saying that to make it sound less like some sort of gay role play?... I never have a girly close shaved face though, cheep electric razors and lazzyness ensure that!

Anyway, sorry hudson, but I do beleive this has been settled. It is indeed technicaly a frame, or I'll probably stick with framey forky thingy to save confusion.

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