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What Else Do You Ride


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ive got a prettyu nice bmx as i need a new chain ring and left crank arm for my t-bird quick spec:

-GT hotwheels frame

-2003-t-bird forks

-GT stem

-GT handlebars

-Onza 32hole drilled rom on GU hub front and rear

-KMC kool chain

-diamondback tensioners

-Avid v brake (rear)

-maxxis creepy crawler tires

-GT pedals


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i ride trials and also started motorcycle trials then also started skate boarding quit (came back to trials) riding a jump bike then i quit jumping(still doing trials) then i got a BMX and quit again (still doing trials) so now i ride trials and moto trials on my sherco 2.9

sorry about the life story but ohwell...


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I havveee :

2006 Raleigh Racing Bike

1977 Bob Jackson Touring Bike

1988 Raleigh Mustang ATB

1985 Claud Butler

2007 Carrera Full Mountain Bike

All great bikes...

soon to add to that list is a trials bike, so :P


Look at the ages on the bikes. Seems like I like OLD ONES!

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