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  1. I remember you. That was great
  2. That was awesome!
  3. Thank you very much for your answers. I am looking forward to receive the said lever blade to test it!
  4. Hello, does anyone know how to change the lever blade on the hope trials lever? Ser I bought a Jitsie lever blade as it's a tad longer, and I just want to make sure it's not a difficult procedure. Do I need to rebleed afterwards? Do I need special tools? Let me know please thank you
  5. It also has longer chain stays because when Vincent wanted to ride 20" he wanted his bike to feel like a 26"...
  6. Nice moves!
  7. Very flexy and they regularly break.
  8. IOS version please
  9. Nice stuff that Felix
  10. And again, don't do it. Buy the forks and a new front wheel. That's all you can do if you want these awesome forks.
  11. I would not advise anyone to do so!
  12. I am French and I couldn't agree more! No doubts other French people won't be open minded though. That vid and all Triboulat videos are shit
  13. Both
  14. Bombproof and super reactive
  15. That looked like any of your previous videos. Great skills apart from your pedaling. Some variety in locations would be enjoyable pal.