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  1. Wwhat happened to the clean Carbon bike?
  2. Ok Mark. Thanks a lot for your help. I will wait for a few rides to see if it calms down. I am riding every evening now so if it doesn't stop, I will try what Ross said. Thank you both for your fast and efficient help. Have a nice evening!
  3. Hello, thanks for the advice! That was fast indeed! Mark, I am sorry I didn't state what brake I am using. I guess I was that much into writing a clear message that I forgot the most important things. It is a Hope Trial Zone with Clean trials pads if that changes anything. Any other advices will help! I will try that for now
  4. Hello everyone, I recently got a new 20" bike, the Jealousy 20" 2017 from Crewkerz. I had an X2 from Clean previously but had many problems with setting the rear brake as the tab could not be faced as there is not enough room for a facing tool to fit apparently. Now my brake is 100% faced and extremely powerful. So powerful that I get a problem I never encountered in the past. My brake makes a loud knock when locked if I hop backward or forward. It seems the pads are knocking in the caliper. My question is simple, had anyone been there, and what can I do? Thanks a lot to everybody.
  5. Change that chain immediately or just remove that powerlink! Never use that for trials riding
  6. Change that chain immediately or just remove that powerlink! Never use that for trials riding
  7. I remember you. That was great
  8. That was awesome!
  9. Thank you very much for your answers. I am looking forward to receive the said lever blade to test it!
  10. Hello, does anyone know how to change the lever blade on the hope trials lever? Ser I bought a Jitsie lever blade as it's a tad longer, and I just want to make sure it's not a difficult procedure. Do I need to rebleed afterwards? Do I need special tools? Let me know please thank you
  11. It also has longer chain stays because when Vincent wanted to ride 20" he wanted his bike to feel like a 26"...
  12. Nice moves!
  13. Very flexy and they regularly break.
  14. IOS version please
  15. Nice stuff that Felix