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  1. Bag full of cash and a free camper, that'll be a grand adventure alright.
  2. But you don't like jumping, so how does that work?
  3. I totally agree with this. My last three bodies were bought secondhand and they've all done me well. Look for a seller who seems genuine, took care of the kit (good sign if it's boxed with original accessories and they're a bird watcher or train spotter) and cameras with a low shutter count. I felt like I got way more for my money than if I'd spent the same amount on something new.
  4. Some good moves there. Just saw Sam Pilgrim's BCN video, looks like such a rad city to ride.
  5. Not sure which of those I would pick, probably the D5300 but the Canon equivalent will be just as good. I'd strongly recommend checking out the mirrorless options. I've seen great results from the Fujis.
  6. I was putting off going to the dentist in 2009 after many years of not going, and actually it was precipitated by some chunks of tooth falling out like yours did. It turned out not so bad and I realised that it doesn't necessarily have to be painful (although it can be expensive). Possibly worse than tooth decay is gum disease, and making small adjustments to brushing technique can work wonders for preventing that. Bite the bullet (lawl) and go and have a check-up. That bit of tooth falling out is probably a sign that you're going to have to go sooner or later, and sooner will hurt less.
  7. Do you see a dentist regularly? Worth also seeing a hygienist every 6 months. I had to have two crowns done last summer having not seen a dentist in a few years, was so nice to know everything was fixed-up and ok after that.
  8. First thing I look for in every outdoor photo I look at, including my own.
  9. What's with the Haro sticker? (Also, spins on those stick insect pure trials bikes... ; )
  10. Was the disc mount only on later Hex models then?
  11. Looks like our man G has been at your hoses...
  12. Actually don't worry, I tried the Giro in a shop today and fell in love (for the second time this week) and bought one.
  13. I'm considering buying one - seems like a better bet than the Bell Super 2R that I have. The Bell isn't all that solid, and when I switched from open to full face I had to keep adjusting the straps for some reason. In the end I bought a 661 full face which is great, but I'd like something which is good for downhill and jumping etc. Just wondered if there are any owners here, or anyone else with opinions? Thanks.
  14. Great new video on the YT story...
  15. I ordered one. The Canyon Stitched bikes are also worth a look, but I like the idea of a steel frame.
  16. Talking of jump bikes... Finally YT released a new one...
  17. Haha my Hex got three rides, now it's in bits under my desk!
  18. I was thinking the same. Also you say "not that I think I would mind" in reference to her being more than a friend. So you'd be best working out, truthfully for yourself, what you want this girl for. If it really is just as friends, then don't worry about it if she seems distant or doesn't reply - she'll soon find your number if she wants more time/support/help or whatever, then you can be that good friend. If, on the other hand, you do actually want to be more than that, then you might like to not be so keen when it comes to friendly gestures. We've all been there I'm sure, playing the role of the attentive good male friend, but unfortunately as ten tons of internet memes will happily report (as if we need them) it rarely if ever leads to things being more than that. If you do want her to eventually be your girlfriend then try practicing some outcome independence. Stop thinking "I wouldn't mind" and start thinking "How can I make this happen?" Next time you really really want to message her, just don't. Before you know it you mind find the tables turn and it's her wondering why you don't reply.
  19. Conspiracy theories are just a means for lazy stupid people to feel informed about something.
  20. As hilarious as you'd expect...
  21. I once asked Ashton the significance of what he wrote under his name, but he wouldn't tell me. I think he said him and only one other person know.
  22. Going shopping with her and then going back again on your own to buy the things she said were too expensive?! Sounds like she has you well trained! The f'cking must be top notch indeed.
  23. That was pretty good actually