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  1. Nun Mary is in the courtyard riding around on her bike, when mother superior shouts: Come on Nun Mary, come on in, we are having lunch now. Nun Mary says no , no, just one more lap, one more lap! Mother superior: Ok, but how many times have I told you to put the seat back on!!
  2. I really hope you get your channel up and running soon again, I (and many of course) look forward to your next video(s). Good luck and I'll too be subscribing to anything you create. All the best .
  3. Wow, that's terrible! Why would someone do that...weird. Hope he can get things back up and running soon.
  4. What has happened to Ali's youtube channel, everything seems gone and see "This account has been terminated for a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service."?
  5. Does Zootalors still check these pages?
  6. Note sure if anyone saw this, well done to Jack!
  7. Are there other bikes close by, maybe there is a jealousy thing going on?
  8. It needs an exercise-ism.
  9. Maybe instead of a battered old car you could get a concrete moulded version of a car made This is a very good project you're doing, I'd like to ask how you approached your council with this, e.g. did you write a letter, or contact someone, write a business plan? I'm interested in a similar thing near where I live but never really was sure how to approach it, who o speak to. Any advice on this would be welcome. Making trials type areas for all skill levels will be good if that can be added. I think it would be useful if your site has some kind of cover, for the wet days,
  10. Shows this for me: Is it just me, or do you have the same? Why would UCI geo-block this?
  11. Yeah, I think so if I read his Instagram posts correctly
  12. Many congrats to whoever made this! Wish them lots of success and looks really good. Could you make an android/PC version? I know how much work goes into this sort of thing (I made no seat?)
  13. Anything with Agnostic Front playing will be good in my opinion
  14. Hi, Apologies if this has been discussed before, or is a bad idea (probably), I was just wondering if 3d printed brake pads (i.e. for HS33 brakes) might be something to explore/try? I read that some synthetic thermoplastic 3d printer filaments might work? E.g. eSun eLastic and Taulman PCTPE. Would be interested in your thoughts on this. Other bike parts would be a no go probably, but if you get a material that is strong enough, maybe it might make an interesting experiment?
  15. I think the first step is to understand what material current pads are made of. Anyone know exactly?
  16. Hi, where you able to watch this (even record it )? I could not find a stream. [Edit] - looks like this will be live in 50 minutes
  17. Cool, thanks for the link!
  18. That could be, there may well be no correlation at all. But why would anyone bother to get the game if they did not like bike trials? But then not much in this world makes much sense anyway
  19. Hi, Not sure if this might be interest to anyone, nor if it is of any use to anyone, also if it is what people might already know, but I thought to share a heat map view of who (from which country) is downloading the "no seat" trials game I (tried) to made a while back. So it might also not mean this is actually for people that rides trials bikes, but certainly like to play the game so I think have an interest in trials See attached: Looks like the U.K and U.S are in the lead. Maybe Africa is not as active as they might have not so great internet there... Just thought to share.
  20. That could be actually, good point, although there is not much text that you need to understand ingame so should not matter too much I hope.
  21. Ok thanks , I saw that one.
  22. Very nice!.How did it happen that Jack is 3rd overall now, or did I misunderstand that? With his interview he mentioned something about that hopefully rules get changed, does anyone know what he meant with that?
  23. I'm in Bracknell, anyone want to meet up in / near this area I'd be interested in that.