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  1. i still ride from time to time
  2. you can user bmx chain tugs and can get then in 10mm and 14mm and they work well https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/chain_tugs/c8.html
  3. Now this could be fun for us all http://pedalupgame.com/
  4. From the album Bikes

    2 year old still a lovely bike
  5. From the album Bikes

    1 Year old still like new i love it
  6. Thanks Earl for all of your help!

  7. 2017 UCI Urban Cycling – Chengdu (CHI) Grap your Popcorn this is 2 Hours 54 Mins long
  8. 35 to 40 iv found works for every thing i ride on
  9. i still have this old muddy fox klimax hope hubs with D521 CD's Tomac HS33 LX rear mech FSA Orbit XL2 headset DMR V8's
  10. Women's final in Val di Sole!
  11. Men's 20'' final in Val di Sole!
  12. 1 week to go see you all saturday
  13. I’ve been thinking for some time now if it would be worth trying a motorbike chain as normal bike chains seam to stretch quite fast for me, 1 person told me he uses a 415H (pictured below) for 12 years and has only just replaced it so what are your thoughts people?