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  1. One from last night's ride, rider is Mat Burge.
  2. Here's the latest addition to my collection. A 2000 (I think) 221 X-Lite in very good condition. As far as I can make out, completely original except for tyres and grips.
  3. Old post I know, did you get the bike? It's a 2016 https://www.specialized.com/gb/gb/enduro-comp-650b/106331 I have the same bike but the 15 model. Seen 15 models making between £1200 & £1500 on eBay recently so I'd say thats good value if it's tidy. Make sure linkage bearings aren't worn. They're a great bike, mine seems to float over everything I throw it at!
  4. Great to see new people (in their 30's) having a go at trials. I've ridden on and off for years. At 36, and after a several year break I have just built myself a new bike.
  5. Hey Craig, sent you a request of Facebook. Nice little setup, spent many an hour playing on pallets over the years, they're ideal, if you get bored you change them about! Cheers, Joe
  6. Thanks Guys!
  7. Hi Craig, I've just started riding again and live in Lynton. A friend of mine from Barnstaple also rides, and my brother who lives near Bude rides. We're planning on riding at Westward Ho this Thursday evening is you fancy it. We'll also be riding Barnstaple / Lynton regularly as well. Cheers, Joe
  8. The old school Monty T219.
  9. Hi all, Thought I'd share my latest project with the TF community. It's been several years since I last rode biketrials, 9 years in fact, and after a recent moto trials demonstration I did which included a good friend of mine on his cycle trials bike, I had the sudden urge to get another bike for the occasional ride and to aid my fitness for moto trials. Although I have been heavily involved in moto trials for the last 28 years, cycle trials was always my first love, which started on modified bmx bikes from around the age of 7. I was eventually lucky enough to be bought a Monty T219 by my parents, which at the time was a dream come true! Over the years I have owned various cycle trials bikes, Monty T219 (still have one), Megamo TrialPro 20 (still have), Monty 230 (26") Monty Urban (26") Echo Team, Echo Lite, Adamant A1. Having grown up when OtPi was 'the man', I have always had a soft spot for the Monty brand, I still have a Monty T219 which I restored a short time ago... mid 30's and nostalgia creeping in! So after deciding it was time to get another bike, next was to decide what to get! I have always liked the shape of the Monty 221 PR and TI frames, so set out to try and find a tidy bike or frame, obviously these being a few years old now I soon realised there wasn't going to be much to choose from! After a post on the 'wanted' section of the forum I was kindly pointed in the direction of Ben from Trials Addict with a tip off that he had a new old stock 221 PR in stock, perfect! Wanting to use as many Monty parts as possible has meant sourcing parts from all of the place, including Ben at Trials Addict, Tartybikes, Trials-bikes and Al4bikes in Spain, have to say all of them have been very helpful and efficient. So heres a couple of pics of the finished bike, still a bit of fine tuning to do, I will be changing the rotors as these were just a couple that I had lying around. I'm over the moon with how it rides, although I haven't weighed it, it feels super light and very confidence inspiring. Would love to hear people's thoughts on this semi retro new build! Spec. 2007 Monty 221PR frame. Monty 221 Ti Disc only forks. Monty 221 Ti Stem. Monty 221 Ti bars. Monty Pro Race Wheelset. Hope Trialzone brakes. Trialtech Isis botom bracket. Trialtech headset. Monty 221 Ti / Kamel cranks. Trialtech cage pedals, may change for the Monty Ti's in time. Monty 221 Ti bash plate. Trial freewheel (already had new one in the spares box) Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyres (already had new one in the spares box), again, may try Monty Eagle claws or Pro race in time. Monty Foam grips. Plus Jitsie fork protectors and lots of neoprene chain stay protectors... the bike will be ridden properly, but I'd like to keep it nice as well!
  10. Incredibly talented! I wouldn't be able to get my head around riding down the road with no brakes, let alone trying anything like this!
  11. Nice! Looking forward to my 'retro new build' 221PR coming together. I'll post some pics of progress!
  12. Hi,

    If you are open to a bit more negotiation on price I'm interested in your Monty.

    Any chance of a few more pics?

    Would like to see underside of downtube, chain stays and crank arms.

    Are all of the threads in the frame/forks good?



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. adamant


      The lowest I could take is £100 mate, £75 is just too low I'm afraid

      no rewelding anywhere, all original

      and it's the original seat and has always been like that so I'm unsure what you mean

      cheers mate,


    3. JB1


      Okay no problem, pop some extra pics on if you get chance and I'll have a think about it.

      Cheers, Joe

    4. adamant


      Pics are on the buy page mate

  13. Found this video on YouTube, interesting to see the guy riding a 20" Giant. Are these available in the uk?
  14. Haha, some nice spills there, from a few of the worlds best aswell!! They are actually human!!
  15. Being playing MW2 at every oportunity sinse it came out and i'm still hooked. No good at it but online play is awesome! PSN: Scudo_120 Feel free to add me.