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  1. that bike is cool as it is .. looks like my old ride! miss it!
  2. i have a brand new dcd in a box still in my box of holly grail parts!!! and i havea origanl crud catcher for the downtube and some where for my 26 mghz pashley, the bubble rap top tube protector! old school is the way to go, got a giant martyn hawyes trials bike built up, pashley and a zero! LOVE THEM
  3. lots of trials parts for sale!

  4. got bills i urgently need to pay so trials stuff for sale

  5. yeh sorry .. us haha, well if your looking around 500 british sterling then i would say your best of looking at onza, as they give you a little more for your money compared to low end koxx bikes
  6. hello, can't you get mongoose trials bikes out there, i heard they did cheap builds??
  7. i agree to this chap, blade for the win!
  8. hi mate, best thing to do is do a search for this .. there is lots of topics onit, cheers
  9. looks like i might have a look into this then, really nice bike!
  10. i will have a chat with one of my mates, think he still has in his shed a body chez replica built .. ill let you know! And of course welcome back ..
  11. troyston you are my friend a legend!
  12. is there any news on a uk distributer?
  13. like the fact you have no brakes ... good stuff, keep it up!
  14. good stuff, keep it up!
  15. hello mate, welcome to the forum. On pad choice i've got some koxx blocks, but not sure what the latest choice of pad is really. Best having a look through using the searchs.
  16. such a talented chap! practice makes perfect, watching him in london on the 1st of march was a must see ..
  17. thats nice .. can i please have it!
  18. hi, just wondered if anyone knows how strict chris king are on warrentys, as i havent got my reciept for my hub anymore, and the hub flange has cracked, so want to get it repaired. Also along with it the cassette lock ring. Cant afford a new hub!
  19. ok, cheers lads
  20. george that was a very good video to watch, cool riding, cool song, well done sexy boy!!!!!
  21. After riding many bikes like my first Handsome dog rockhound, then my 3 orange zeros, 5 pashleys, 2 planet x zebdis, echo bounce then control, 4 leesons, a ashton justice and now my girl friends 20" koxx hydrox i've really messed up my riding style. Any new bikes i've rode i just haven't got my head around them. My leeson i love to bits, as its easy to chuck about and is so smooth! Pashleys are amense and i wish i never got rid of the first one i every had! My confidence has dropped alot. Im no way acheiving what i used to. Can still do the basics but the bigger stuff i just can't do anymore. So i made the choice of going back to the old school set ups. A mate of my has a original Megamo 26". No fancy brakes, no nice cranks ... just original parts like i used to run. AND A SEAT! So i have got a giant trials frame (number 101) as a start. Now on the search for other parts. really looking forward to riding it. The more i ride my wifes bike though i have to admit, i see why there a popular bike. There so easy to chuck about ... side hop and gap. But its nothing like the big sketchy stlye of a big framed, noisey old beast from the east. Will upload pictures when its built ..... sorry for the random topic, but would like to see if other people go down this route oo ......
  22. need pics of edie tounges pashley setup from years ago ... anyone help
  23. well boys got a few projects on the go! Got a giant (frame number 110) and a pashley 26 mghz. I will try and get pics up as soon as possible! I've got a 24inch 609 leeson. Lawnmowermans old one. Just having a bit of a face lift at the moment. messed up the back wheel. So lots of ordering to do with tarty bikes!
  24. now thats a bit of old school for you. I used to have a 14" one of those when they first came out!, Lush bikes ... did anyone see the one that leeson designed beofre orange said they wanted to change it! ...... It was SO nice!
  25. thanks alot to everyone for putting the trial on today, really was good. First one i have done in 10 years, have to say the blue route is alot more challenging than it used to be! only fived 4 sections though so was well happy with that!