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  1. My little edit from the FISE, in Montpellier. Cool both days with Vallée, Hermance, Fontenoy, Llongueras, Burton, Méot, Brunetaud, Tarès and Cardona. It was a world first, no marschal but judges, as classic bmx contest. Thx for watching :-)
  2. Day one !!
  3. Hi all, For the first time biketrial is scheduled to the FISE in Montpellier, tomorrow and thursday. I am so honored to be juge for this first one ! I am sure to live a monster event, Montpellier is the place to be ;-) See you with pix and edit !
  4. All level event, good spirit only It's a fantastic spot for biketrial, 5mn from my home
  5. So nice vid ! Thx for sharing man ;-)
  6. Hi all ! An edit about my own little event, South of France. Sun & biketrial, the life ! Thx for watching ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQLbDAMN54I
  7. Total fan !!
  8. Good spirit
  9. Thanks to share it with us Quiet vid !
  10. Oops !!
  11. Oh yeah just top !! Forbidden to miss it !
  12. Pfffiouuu THE level !!
  13. My last GT bike
  14. Raining outside, playing inside...
  15. My little steel bmx, I love it !! And I learn lot of new tricks with it