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  1. Got some little wheels a couple of weeks back pretty good fun so far just need more time to ride D:
  2. I kind of own one of my dream bikes but alternative the top 3 for me would be Chris Akriggs Mongoose. Didn't really enjoy riding an Inspired but that looks like loads of fun 2 Would be Monty Kamel 231 mostly because when i was younger i enjoyed watching Kenny Belaeys Big Time Trials Last one even though the seat is stupidly high in this image but ye ol' Cannondale CAAD3 as im a sucker for old school
  3. Hey, could I grab the better condition of the two trialtech carbon boosters please? do you happen to have the spacer washers n stuff? 

    Thanks, Bowen 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jahbless


      No rush man, would be handy if you did have them :)


    3. Culshaw95


      Hi, just got back from work and found them still in their packet 

    4. jahbless


      Sweet man! let me know how to pay? cheers

  4. Booster all sorted
  5. Pretty much finished got a booster coming for the rear brake and still need to bed in the front brake but other than that it's pretty good fun so far!
  6. Getting there. Need a new headset as the one in my inspired is practically welded itself in but it's all I need now to get it finished
  7. I just think its a good idea having a dual pull system so both pads hit at the same time rather than having a fixed side so you end up flexing the rotor. BB7s are great I must say but I suppose it could be a bit of trial and error. The trps come with organic pads so I should get a reasonable braking force (hopefully...)
  8. I've had a few bikes come through work with them on and they seem to work great. If they can also make a sti levers feel nice they should do the job. They seem to have better pad adjustment than the BB7 so always worth a go. I've got a Box Components v caliper coming through aswell, I've always used xt in the past but heard good things about the box calipers
  9. Few other parts arrived today aswell as handle bars
  10. I was scrolling on Facebook and noticed someone put an ashton frame up for sale and I thought it would be good to get one built up as it was the first bike I started on 7 years ago (Here it is 7 years ago.) I'm hoping to get it built up next week so stay tuned...
  11. Getting back into this trials stuff... Broke my cross over hose aswell first time doing that
  12. Well seems i have issues with buying many bikes but finally something I feel at home with should have just stuck to my old Echo pure but this definitely feels like a solid build. Just gotta get riding more now
  13. I seem to have a hard time getting things right with setups/bikes... I rode 26" for most of the period of riding trials and tried out 20" which my riding seemed to be at its best at that time but stupidly a while ago I sold the 20" because I had been riding 26" longer and decided to keep it as its what i put the most time into. The issue with 26 was i spent loads of time trying to find the perfect geometry when i should have stuck and left the bike as it was which led to me not enjoying it as much. I recently built an Inspired Hex thinking I would get on with it which I do and i have learnt certain things i didnt know i could do and has helped on the MTB side but I guess I prefer the more TGS and pure trials scene more. I have three things on my mind of getting a custom frame from marino, sell the Inspired and get an Echo 26" or sell the Inspired and get a Jitsie 20" which is similar geo to the Breath Yes I had... Not sure what the best option is some of it is swaying towards 20" but im 6ft3" so i'd need a 180mm stem but then another part is saying 26" and go front disc as i always preferred front disc on a stock...