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  1. First bike was an Ashton Diamondback Speedrace fans which eventually snapped at the chainstay.... Onza Genesis which later got rawed then cracked... I miss riding the Limey 3 I think i was definitely at my peak of riding on this. Even though it was heavy it just easily chuckable across gaps I later experimented with 20" and also built up what i thought would have been my dream build but weirdly didnt get on with it and kept getting faulty brakes - _ - Sold the 20" which i regretted as i surprisingly got on quite well with it so i thought id get another but it didnt feel the same... and then another echo... And now back onto an Ashton for nostalgia reasons and quite enjoying it even though its on the heavy side. Definitely been very indecisive over the years and should have just stuck to one bike... although i am contemplating one last bike then stopping there... hopefully...
  2. Slight update on the Ashton. New bars and stem
  3. Getting pretty good now man! Good to see your constant improvements! Keep it up!
  4. Not really what i expected in the end. It did work pretty well but i thought it may eliminate flex but i've ended up going full hope now due to too much flex in the rear brake aswell. Was an interesting experiment but they just dont work well with v levers, they seem stiffer with road levers weirdly
  5. Got some little wheels a couple of weeks back pretty good fun so far just need more time to ride D:
  6. I kind of own one of my dream bikes but alternative the top 3 for me would be Chris Akriggs Mongoose. Didn't really enjoy riding an Inspired but that looks like loads of fun 2 Would be Monty Kamel 231 mostly because when i was younger i enjoyed watching Kenny Belaeys Big Time Trials Last one even though the seat is stupidly high in this image but ye ol' Cannondale CAAD3 as im a sucker for old school
  7. Hey, could I grab the better condition of the two trialtech carbon boosters please? do you happen to have the spacer washers n stuff? 

    Thanks, Bowen 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jahbless


      No rush man, would be handy if you did have them :)


    3. Culshaw95


      Hi, just got back from work and found them still in their packet 

    4. jahbless


      Sweet man! let me know how to pay? cheers

  8. Booster all sorted
  9. Pretty much finished got a booster coming for the rear brake and still need to bed in the front brake but other than that it's pretty good fun so far!
  10. Getting there. Need a new headset as the one in my inspired is practically welded itself in but it's all I need now to get it finished
  11. I just think its a good idea having a dual pull system so both pads hit at the same time rather than having a fixed side so you end up flexing the rotor. BB7s are great I must say but I suppose it could be a bit of trial and error. The trps come with organic pads so I should get a reasonable braking force (hopefully...)