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  1. You are improving so quickly, good vid!
  2. Your crazy
  3. Hahaha, this is awesome
  4. Looks so puurty right now, I'm exited for the finished build
  5. It's Beautiful
  6. He is crazy. When he does the rails... Off topic, but this video is going to have like a million views or more. I have had 17 friends on Facebook share it already
  7. Any more photos about? I'm liking the looks of this
  8. Get some pics up of you riding it!
  9. Great idea!
  10. To much arty stuff
  11. I'll be there, May have a few others with me too
  12. I loved it when I finally started to go bigger in drops, feels awesome don't it
  13. Yeh, nice. Looks like you learn quick. A good investment would be a helmet!