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  1. Problem is no one pays attention to you without some sort of branding in the title. I know, I don't like it either, but today's YouTube is full of "insane" "huge" "blah blah"; I won't stretch that far but something needs to be in the title/thumbnail. Example, search "inspired bicycles" on YouTube, you have a hefty selection of videos to choose from as most have it in the title. I'll take into account the editing tips, wind noise is a bitch, must have missed a few clips.
  2. Well, this has been a long time coming. This has taken around 8 months, collecting clip after clip every evening after work since last winter. Spots in Hereford are limited, so half the battle is finding the spot (which arguably takes the longest), then the other battle is getting the clip how I want it. I know it's seemed as if I've stopped riding lately, I just didn't want to ruin the edit by posting footage on Instagram!Anyway, enjoy. Feedback is much appreciated, riding and filming based.
  3. Wasn't a fan of the music, a little too "American spring break" kinda style for me, but that's just my picky attitude more than anything. Riding was cool, liked the tyre tap on the cobbled wall, plus the edit was nice and clean.
  4. Surprised this didn't get more attention. That tyre slide over the wet block was beast
  5. I have a friend who's a photographer and wanted to try his hand at filming, this is the result. Only a short few hours to film it so nothing special, nothing particularly scary, just an interesting place to film and a fun ride about! Hope you enjoy.
  6. It isn't the fact that it's french or even that it's on a road bike which makes it irritating, it's the shitty camera angles, needing to do 3 views of every scene with a few shots with the riders body cut off for good measure. There is a special place reserved in hell for people who film like this.
  7. I finally had an evening free without the presence of rain, ice and freezing temperatures, therefore I set out to do a few footplant jibs before the sunset. These are only a selection as I misjudged the frame and how narrow the long lens made the available area. Anyway, click play, if you haven't already.
  8. TF has just risen to a new level of harsh in one thread...
  9. Can't comment on the other three, but this one is f**king funny...
  10. "Let's bitch and moan about something that could be a chilled, easy day out riding and turn it into some massive debate regarding money." Nice job guys, really nailed it
  11. Bit of brakeless jibbing in the skatepark. Only had a few hours as it started to hail pretty badly, and where I live has very limited street spots, most of which being guarded by chavs and f**kwits... Anyway, feedback is welcome
  12. Being petty and being correct are two completely different things. For example, 'four' is not a correction, it's just the way to spell the number 4. If we're being petty, the correct word is "you're" in the reply.
  13. Completely forgot I had these lying around from April last year, so popped them into a quick raw edit and this is the outcome, let me know what you think! (bearing in mind this was a while ago and riding has improved since, blah blah)...
  14. No problem, I forgive you. A dictionary shouldn't really be required for a 4 letter word, though.
  15. Was going to say the exact same thing, haha. "Carnt" was a nice touch.