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Very Nervous

sideburns(dnt ask)

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I'm guessing you're refering to GCSEs? If so, I wouldn't stress it too much. If you get a half-decent mark, that's all you really need. You only realistically need GCSEs to get to the next stage of your education, so once you go past that they won't really matter.

Try finding out you've got to submit a major project that counts towards your final degree mark a day earlier than you thought. All nighter for me, methinks ;)

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I hardly revised for my GCSEs, just the night before and in the morning and got 11 A-Cs. I'm not super clever, as I failed AS Levels terribly, so they can't be that hard.

That was 2 years ago though. Best of luck anyway.

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Im in the first year of A-level (first exam is tomorrow) and since starting it, GCSE's haven't even been mentioned, they count for pretty much nothing, unless you want to leave at 16 and get a job, but now'a'days no one does that. Don't sweat over them!.

A-level on the other hand is slightly different, unless you're seriously clever you can't get C's without doing LOADS of work..... of which I have done not much, very little, none.

So i'm slightly nervous, but kind of gotten to the stage where I know im not going to do well, I don't enjoy it, and want to leave, so im not particularly bothered what I get. I wouldn't of even bothered going to class if my parents were rich as f**k and don't need to work hard to pay my school fees.

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