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Dual Disc 05 Pitbull


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At last i've finished it!

Adaptor just needs a bit of welding and cutting/ drilling.

I'm really happy with it now, it's stolen all my money but it rides so nicely!!







Frame: 2005 Zoo Pitbull (short)

BB: Try-all on one side, echo on t'other ( i couldn't get one side out :P)

Cranks: Tensile urban legends

Bash: H.E.N

Forks: 07 Zoo Pitbull

Headset: Chris King

Stem: Zoo

Bars: Monty 221 ti, extended to 29.5"

Brakes: 200mm Hope mono trial, front and rear

Front wheel: Chris King ISO, Sapim spokes, Try-all rim

Rear wheel: Chris King ISO, Sapim spokes, Echo 07 rim

Tyres: Maxxis High Rollers

Just like to say thanks to the tarts for the parts, and Neil Tunnicliffe for the frame :)


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looks fooking awsome. Going to have a bash at it when i see youu :) going to have to make mee one :D still love your little troll . thought i would post a close up for you :)


much love.. Ben :)

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Looks great, even though I'm not a fan of dual disc stocks!

Did you get those Ti funbolts working? I'm still very interested. :)

They're going to be a weekend project!

I drilled mine out, and they just died, mainly due to me being a tard :P

When the supplier has some more in i'll make some up and i'm sure something can be sorted out ;)

Thanks for the comments guys!

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looks beeeeeeeeast.....!

don't extended monty bars just feel...soo... :rolleyes: .....?

Practically orgasmic? ^_^

Love 'em!


EDIT: cheers for that ben (Y)

Because Ogre said it would get raped, i made it out of 10mm thick aluminium plate ;)

Probably anodise it black after it's had a few little welds to make it extra extra beast.

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Nice to see my brakes are doing well.

You are ready for some big gap on natty.

Well done (Y)

Cheers trash, they really are going well, i'm loving it so far!!

Looks nice, you must have really wanted a disc to go to all that effort.

Yeah, can't afford to get myself a new frame at the moment, magura was annoying me, so i thought i'd give it ago :P

Just weighed it, a smidge under 1413kg >_< In your face weight weenies!!

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How the hell have you managed to keep a 2005 Pitbull in such immaculate condition :S?

I dont know how he does it because it was tunni's old frame as well :Slol but looks like your bike needs a diet lol cant wait to have a bash on it. looking sexual.

Much love

Ben :)

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I love it! That mount is an absolute animal. :lol:

Hehe, bit bieefier than yours eh mate?

how did you extend the bars? looks mint by the weigh, bet that mount weighs a fair bit though...

I bought them like it off matthew62, and as far as i can tell, they're off cuts of another bar, with a slightly smaller diameter metal tube inside, then that runs inside the actual bars (Y)

Cheers for the comments lads :D


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