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Rainy Day

Sonny Clarke

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OK, so its a rainy day and its ment to go on for several days now and i'm struggling to find things to do.

Nothing on my bike needs fixing/changing. The cinema isn't showing films till late. Theres nothing on telly. Can't stay on TF all day!

HELP, give me some ideas of what to do.

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Everyone keeps saying Wank!! dont you lot have girl friends/boy friends to do that for you?

I still say ride in the rain it makes it more fun! :)

i would go ride in the rain but i gone back to smooth rims and rain and smooth rims dont go :(

girlfriends suck ass. Relationships are great until they end, and then they end in tears. Male slag is the way to go imo, not that I am one or anything...meh going off topic

Tidy your room? Ive just cleaned mine and although theres the washing still to do, it looks alot better :)

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