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Cheers Dale-Hill!

I quite liked the riding, could have done with some music though, but the riding was good.

Style isnt that bad! Alot of body movement (if you get what i mean) but i couldnt see much else wrong with your style!


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Rely bad style imo.

and the side hops looked horrible...

Totally disagree,

His style is fine, seems to be working for him if hes riding like that, and who cares if his sidehops dont look 'good'. Atleast there high and getting the job done.

Good riding mann, liked it alot, like most of your videos.


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Congratulations GUI!

Hear people, I think his riding is very good, and his style is ok, because he sidehops

high and tucks really good, what matters how does he look when he jumps?

The only thing Guille, don`t throw your bike again like that! hahaha

Regards from spain to spain! haha

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hahahaha :D much coments!!!:D xD thanx to all people :D

my style not is the best but i happy, if you look others vids of me maybe you change of opinion...i dont know xD

these clips not important for me..is only a test of my new bike...

i work everyday for to have a very good style :) i hope to have a good style soon :D

thanx to all :)

i love ALL coments of this post :) thanx ;)

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