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i need a bit of help with balance,

i can wheelie on most bikes but i can't stay static with the front wheel in the air.

im just wondering whether there were any techniques for this,

also i stuggle to balance on uneven ground,


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I think i've said this before but pogo sticks, i was always told pogo sticks and to get a inflatable exercise ball and weights then kneel on the exercise ball and try putting different amount of weights in each hand and move them about so not only are you improving balance your building muscle as well, other than that practice just keep trying to get your balance on the back wheel

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ok then, i thought i needed to hop around abit more on the bike anyway,

and as for the exercise ball idea, ill pass, but its a good idea none the less,

id just feel a idiot haha

thanks all the same

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Try 'Pause roling', You basically kick as if you were trying to get into a wheelie position and let it roll. When you start to loose balance press the break. Repeat in quick succession and you have youself a pause roll. This 'move' should help to improve balance in general and the initial 'move' can be adapted and changed into a static trick.

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hi ,

what i do is i put my front wheel on a wall then put my body weight forward then see if i can move across the wall and back.

or just stay on the wall for as long as i can you may think its boring but it helps ;)


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