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Sam Jones

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Belt sander is better IMO. Then the surface stays flat and duos not dip in the middle as it can do with a angle grinder because disc is round


That's only if you cant use an angle grinder properly. Be a man and use an angle grinder, it's better anyway.

Smooth rims in the rain suck btw.

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grind your rim if you want to ride in the rain. personally i have and do ride in the wet with a smooth rim and althoguh its bloody scary it does mean you get better as you're less reliant on a good brake to hold a move. granted its a little dodgy.

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In any other case I'd totally agree, but, he has a mint mega streety Base TA26. A grind just wouldn't... go with the flow.

well do like me, run soft pads and do go out in the wet too much! theres no way to stop your brake going poo in the rain with smooth rim.

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