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Kot Ms2 Bike


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This is a replacement for my bike that was stolen. Im really happy with it and it rides luuuuuverly.

Big thanks to Adam at Tartybikes for sorting it out for me.

Let me know what you think

Spec is:

KOT frame and forks

CK ISO rear hub on 24 bicycles rim

Echo disk hub on Try-all rim

Try-all tires

Middleburn cranks with 22t chain ring

CK king kog 17t

Rear magura with Rock green pads

XTR front with clear Rock pads

FSA headset

Echo bar and stem

ODI Ruffian grips

Rohloff tensioner

Echo chain

Trialtech pedals

Weight: approx 24lbs (was hoping it would be a bit lighter!).

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Wait what....

When did this happen, cheeky little b*****d could have said.

I want a go like now, i agree wtih luke, ride tommorow.

But yeh looks nice, always wanted a Kot.

Edit: Two blatent errors, posisbly due to my alcohol intake :P Bash is too big, chain needs to be black. That is all

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Edit: Two blatent errors, posisbly due to my alcohol intake :P

Comedy genius at work, or drunken fool? I side with the latter :P

Also, you lie about the bash and chain (though an 18t setup would be a beast)

Give us a shout if you fancy a pootle later, going to head out about 1ish :)

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