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Echo Control 09... 8.7 Kg!


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Well, now I'm a stock rider!

First impressions - "wow(f**k)! all around is so small and tall!!!"

Well, all in all - Thanx to Seryoga for this mirracle) ONLYBIKES.RU

Weight of it is 8.7 kg I'm vary glad for it! After mod 8.5kg - not so much different, if install other spokes it can be much lighter and also it can be drilled

Let's waching and commenting))






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looks nice jeff.but why the change.you were one of the last really good mod riders :(


I'm still a mod rider! don't warry, be happy, dude!

long time I wonder to test a stock, now I decide to do it!

be a man - ride a stock!

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O such a pretty ride ! (Y) love it.

And that weight :o. I think my bike is about 2 kilos heavier :(

Im curious about durabilty of this bike on street ride.

Anyway, do you have msn ?

I have just an ICQ---> 338668353, do not have MSN

I should register your own ICQ to talk with me.

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