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Passing On Some Accidental Wisdom


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I remember the old "will weight training will improve my trials? phase" and though this may help i guess.

Iv been climbing for a while and recently taken up slacklining.

Its all about balance, like trials, but its all about relaxed balance, you have to stay calm and relax all your muscles.

Its feet forward balance too (unlike indo boards)

Iv found it really helpful in developing style in my riding, found it has greatly reduced the amount of correction hops i do and has just made me smoother. Its taught me how to relax and balance i guess.

Give it a try (Y)

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Its really as easy as going out and buying some Ratchet straps and finding two solid objects to attach each end to.

They had some slacklining down at the Outdoor show we did last year, and they let us try riding along them. I could actually ride along it further than I could walk. Awesome fun though.

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I've been wanting to try slacklining for some time now actually... Any tips on getting started?

Get a few ratchet straps and stick em in-between 2 trees!

You can by proper slacklines which are from £30 for a 15 metre to bout £60 for a 25metre.

Start with the line quite tight, the tighter the line the easier it is.

If you can get hold of a heavy duty ratchet do it, one of the 5 ton ones because the small ones break quite quick. But the small ones have the right size webbing.

Its wierd because its sooo relaxing, because you relax all your muscles and just concentrate on balancing its really relaxing.

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