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I eat shit, its startng to show i want a decent diet, As ill be really hitting the gym soon when im off my crutches.

are they any decent beginner sites for this, or does anybody on here know about it?

and i want food, not this powder, followed by this milkshake.


Then eat proper food ?

Or do you mean you want a diet to help you grow at the gym?

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this is pretty handy. I wouldn't worry too much about eating every couple of hours if you're not trying to bulk up or anything, but it gives you an idea of the foods you should be eating.

this gives you a good insight into balanced eating too, so that you can use the information from the first one to make good, healthy, balanced meals.

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My diet is...

Hand pizzas

those pasta pots from Tesco (joy)

Super noodles with cheese

philidelphia and crackers

Apple and Saltana Go Ahead bars. brought like 60 the other day.

Golden V

Strongbow Vodka...

Its hard work sometimes, but my bellys growing at a stable rate :)

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Ive got a bit of belly, about a year ago i had a beasty 6 pack, but seeing as i havent been to active cos of my foot, it seems ive gotten a bit unfit, so im going to be beastying the cardio at the gym, but if i keep on the diet im on atm, itll be like batting the wind of with a stick.

BUT im also gonna be doing alot of weights, not bulking, just erm, getting toned/stronger? does that make sense, im a completely gym lingo n00b.

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One thing I learnt in Science is that if you eat below 1,500 calories (for men only, women = below 1,000 calories) you'll lose weight, whilst this obviously isn't good for you, I was told that as long as you change your diet to eat protein enriched foods (whilst attempting to eat less than 1,500 kcal per day) and so forth, the weight won't just suddenly drop off, it will steadily go down. What you want is food containing mono-unsaturated fats, as they reduce bad cholesterol, although polyunsaturated fats also reduce cholesterol, they are considered to not be as of a wiser choice that the mono-unsaturated fats, as they also reduce good cholesterol. (Good lord, I'm sat here eating a Big Mac meal.) One way I used to control my weight was to have a set time to eat meals and snacks, this way my body became used to when it was going to get fed, and I found I didn't get hungry and so I didn't want to eat so much at dinner time. (Blah blah blah!) Diets are hard to control, because unless you have extremely good will-power, you tend to lie to yourself, if you've eaten a chocolate bar you'll tell yourself you havn't really, or that it doesn't matter because it's just once in a blue moon, in reality, if you're going to eat chocolate, then eat a small amount but do it on a regular basis. If you don't eat the fatty foods on a regular basis you'll only crave it more, and so you'll break your diet. (I'm just jabbering now.) There's a load of stuff on the internet, books and so forth.

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Upon discovering my little belly, i've going with the Paul McKenna; "I will make you thin" book, some damn good material in there in such a short book, also says to not mention it as a diet as it isn't, its a way of life.


The reviews say it all, its a brilliant read.

Basically 4 rules; eat when you are hungry, eat what you want to eat, enjoy and eat your food properly, finish when you are full.

Its sounds ridiculous I know but theres a lot more of a thinking behind it, the main rule is to enjoy your food, and to do this you eat at a slow and steady rate so you can get a full sense of flavour and texture, but also the pace you eat ate gives chance for your body to catch up and acknowledge how much food you've eaten.

Following this I've been eating half the amount of what I usually would (I'm not starving myself, just by eating properly you will know when you are full).

It delves into why starving yourself is bad for you and can keep you at the same weight for the less amount of food.

And the best part is, you eat the foods you want to eat.

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One thing I learnt in Science is that if you eat below 1,500 calories (for men only, women = below 1,000 calories) you'll lose weight

This is only true for averages. If you do absolutely nothing but lie in bed all day, you don't need 1500 cals. The actual rule is that if your incoming calories are less than the calories you expend, THEN you will lose weight.

Then again, Dave has asked for fitness/nutrition help a few times and I've put time into responses and he appears to have ignored them so maybe it's best just not to bother! Shame, because it's pretty much all I think about when I'm not selling stuff.

EDIT: and yea, that Paul McKenna thing is great. It's worked for my mum as a really simple way to lose weight and feel good about yourself. It helps if you enjoy good food though!

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As has already ben mentioned to lose weight you need to expend more energy than you intake. It's recommended to be in a calorie defecit of 500kcal a day, which equates to about a pound per week. Use http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ that to work out how many calories that your body uses a day just to keep ticking over then this http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculat...edict-equation/ to work out work out how many calories you will use with exercise included, then just minus 500 away from the total amount to see how many calories you should be eating.

Try to eat smaller food portions, but for often, around every 2-3 hours. Also try and eat fibrous foods and foods low in GI such as pasta, beans, rice, etc this will help to keep blood sugar levels controlled and therefore insulin which will encourage the use as fat as a fuel.

Also keep fat levels low with the majority of fat coming from mono-saturated as Hannah said, get this from fish as DHA and EPA fats included in fish have been shown to increase fat loss. One more thing is to keep protein high as this also helps to aim fat loss

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