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you won't be allowed to grow a beard.

unfortunately, that's pretty much all the info I can remember. My mate did a firemanship course as part of his job (fire extinguisher technician - he was required to be a volunteer fireman as part of his contract) and he told me loads about it, but I didn't really listen.

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My friend has been looking deeply into becoming a fireman. He's found that it normally takes around 3-5 years to just start the process of joining so he's got that on the side whilst he continues with his current career.

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My dad was a retained (part time) fireman for almost 19 years, it wasn't really a job for him, more a hobby, he loved it so much, but since he changed his second job, he no longer had the time.

But no, i think it was one of the best things he ever did, if you wanna do it, go for it, you wont regret it. But don't become a retained, as the pay is terrible and you have to live within 2 mins of the station.

Become full time if you want is as an actual decent paying job.

But yeah, you save people's lives and livelyhood, and soooooo many courses and qualifications, what more could you want?

Sam :D

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Only issue with it now (used to train with a bloke who was in the marines, and was now a full time fireman) is over the last few years, health and safetys got a bit stupid, not in the working conditions, but you understand, when your waiting in the station for a call to come it, it used to be the life of riley, youd do a couple of hours weight training, have a kick about in the yard, play basketball etc, just pass the time having fun. but at his station (ive heard of this being the case in bristol as well after speaking to a bloke whose brother in law or summit used to be a fireman down there). Was they've but a stop to this, thanks to the whole "Had an accident at work, ring 0800-no-win-no-fee" bullcrap. so basically anything like that has been stopped, as technically your at work, and it was encouraged that in their down time, they where to exercise to keep themselves in top shape. to the point now where he says its boring as hell, theres several on a shift at once, youve got a pool table, theyve even removed the running machines out of the gym, so youve got an exercise bike and thats it.(as running was deemed high impact, so a possible cause of a claim for knees or ankles, or something like that).

Thats how its become at his station, so he says being on shift, although its still a reasonably well payed job, and is far from a bad, job, hes known times where hes sat for 8 hours reading the paper, which gets tediously boring.

Just a warning, its still a good job,(otherwise im sure hed of quit) but if your joining up thinking your going to get loadsa women with the uniform, get to rescue damsels in distress, stroke cats youve pulled down from trees, and play basketball and batter weights when your back at the station. In reality, it may not be all that brilliant.

You thought of going down your local station, having a word with a couple of the lads there, and seeing what they say about it/how it looks, youll probably pick up a load more tips on how to join/how to get fit to join and what to expect, then youll find on here(unless weve got some secret firemen on here) or you will off any fire service careers site. .

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Hey, i do a public services course at college and have had a Q&A session with hampshires head fireman, basically it is all about trying. The problem is that there are so many aplicants each month/week they openly stated that one week they will do brown letters, the next white. So if your applicant is not successful the first time keep trying. Ensure that spelling is perfect and all grammar is correct as they will narrow it down like this. Any volunteer work or public duties will help you alot. The tests are pretty easy now compared to a while ago i think, it's now level 7 on the bleep test? Dragging a dummy lifting some weights up some stairs and a endurance test which needs to be completed in 4:30 which is a 30m course consisting of dragging/lifting weights and sprints (i maxed it at 3:04 so it is a pretty easy test with normal fitness).

Hope i helped Tom

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My school sent me to a fire station for a week and i learnt loads of stuff it was actualy really good :) also my dads chief of london so i can easily become a fireman :)

what a shame you turned out like a chav. lol. :)

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If your under 25ish, or havnt got much in the way of life-expierience dont bother yet.

Also, be prepared to move. Rural (i.e. Taunton) stations only tend to recruit transfers from urban/city areas. It only tends to be City districts who recruit newly trained firefighters.

KEEP TRYING! The last time Bristol had a recruitmet campaign, 1200 applicants tried for only 14 vacancies. So do as best you can, get an application form, photocopy it and practice it 3 or 4 times before completing the real thing. And basic but important stuff, like writing in BLOCK CAPITALS IN BLACK INK as is always requested. it sounds silly, but when a form comes through in lower case writing, it goes in the bin. Blue ink, in the bin.

But go for it, i know a couple fire fighters through my mum (whos a paramedic) and they LOVE their jobs.

In these shakey economic times, getting a job in public services is a great way of securing a position, the pay isnt outstanding, but you get great pensions and fantastic holiday etc.

once i finish college i plan work in outdoor persuits for a couple of years in south wales or scotland and then hope to apply as a fire fighter in around 2014



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