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Try-All Carbon Fork.


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Under 500g :o

he K-124 Days is a huge international event, a weekend of shows, a celebration of trial, but it is also a lounge in which the Leader of the trial reveals its new tradition. Not have a new range of bikes this year, but we could discover new accessories, like new tires Shift Light Try-All 26 "and 20" or a new freehub commitments to 36 points and 6 catches.

Alongside the show, K-124 has invited us to discover some products in development, some of which will shortly be joining the group catalog ... And then we had a shock! K-124 remains at the top and Xavier Guillemot, who works for 4 years in Koxx as mechanical design engineer responsible for the Office of Education, told us that great things were preparing. It was first presented a cardboard linguiform and very light. It opens and it comes out ... fork! A carbon fork which is less than 500 grams ... It's a bit hard to believe that holding a pitchfork in his hands, but yet so. Amazing feeling. The upper part is curved to improve the overall rigidity. Try-All logo shows the mass to give a unique look at the thing, but also to avoid the return to the catalog of the competition with a new logo ... Vincent Hermance password Himself to us and present this first prototype, and invites us to attend an initial field test immediately after the competition. It has of course accepted this appointment, and took some pictures. Article to follow tomorrow on the zine trial!

Thoughts ?





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From what Vincent said about them not being right yet, I'd imagine that weight will probably increase a bit before they see the market - if they do.

I'm liking the new Try-All climbing-shoe-esque shoes though. Ironically, they're the first trials shoe I really like :P

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I think the weight will have to increase, my old carbons were Pace XC racing forks that had been shortened and were 677g, these will be expected to take far greater forces and would have to be stiffer.

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Crazy stuff that... Why don't they just add some titanium to their old forks and moke it a bit lighter. Carbon if does crack, snap the hole f***ing forks off! I quite like the shoes though!

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