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Whats Lightest Front Wheel Possible?


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im only asking cos i like his face.


My guess is that any carbon wheel which is just about strong enough to take trials abuse will have to be heavier than a standard spoked wheel. Half of the carbon disc wheels out there for time trial bikes etc are heavier than their spoked alternatives, it's just that the aero benefits outweigh the extra mass you lug around.

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Lightest one i could make for a mod from tarty is.

RockMan Non Disc hub = 64g + 24g

Spokes = doesnt say the weight

Monty Kamel 20 rim = 283g

Rim tape = ruffly 20g

Maxxis Ultralight 20 tube = 102g

Try-All Stiky Front 20 tyre = 508g

Total = 1001g + spokes.

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According to Tarty for the 24"

Onza Reggie 24" 507g

Rockman Non Disc Hub 64g

DMR Moto Digger 650g

Kenda Tube 200g

= 1421g + Spokes

Sure it could be lighter though, for sure. Also sure that carbon wouldn't be a good idea...

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My 26" front wheel:

Stan's Notubes ZTR 355 rim

Echo TR hub

Sapim Race spokes, non crosses

Weigh 635g.

I use continental ultralight tube @ 90-100g and a Schwalbe Furius Fred tyre @ 305g :)

No big problems really, tyre and tube feels good, since the rim is so narrow compared to a trials rim..

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