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Resprayed Echo 24"


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i wanted to get mine anodised but the BB being a push in is the only thing stopping me.

Could you not stick an old BB in there just to protect it during the process?

Edit - Unless you meant you actually couldn't physically remove it... haha

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Powder coat it. Normal paint doesn't work with trials frames, they become really tatty over time.

Which is just an excuse to keep playing with new colours :)

Personally, I love spraying parts, it's really therapeutic... Haven't done any since I moved though, gotta set up a new ghetto booth.

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why would anodizing make any difference?

cos thats what i want ;). looks good. might get the rims done too as im abit of a flash twat.

powdercoating is alright but is really thick and im not keen on the finish.

paint is ok too but will chip easy.

EDIT. oh you may have meant make a difference to the BB etc. no it wont make a difference. anodizing penetrates the metal i believe like a tattoo. so not changing the size of anything.

paint and powdercoat obviously coat the metal.

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