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Photoshop request


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Can someone change the forks and stem on this to black? And if possible lift the stem up a bit and stick a/some purple spacer/s under it?

I tried doing a quick edit with Paint but the shite Wyse terminal and internet connection at work are so underpowered I couldn't get it to run!


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guinea pig means "cuy" in peruvian spanish,and whos frame is named "cuy"?

copyright infringement!

i actually patented the name "the cuy" for a bicycle frame here in germany,but yes,was a joke ;)

edit:will get you a nice pic sorted,dave.i´m not quite sucking at gimp 2.6

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the pics screaming:"my resolution sucks,so familybiker had to edit single pixels instead of polygone sections,so no complaaaaints!"

edit:looking at adams again i´d say much effort for nothing from my person lol,his is better

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