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Advice for job interview presentation on a bus company!


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Good evening!!

I'm currently in the process of applying for a graduate engineering scheme for a bus company.

Initially there was a telephone interview, which I then got through to a Skype interview, which I then passed and met the Director of the graduate scheme for another face to to face interview, passing that I was shortlisted out of 35+ people into a group of 6 who were interviewed by the Fleet Engineer and the Operations Manager.

I passed that and made it into a further short list of 3 people who are now going down to London next week to perform a presentation. Only one person can pass the final stage!

Today I received what the presentation should be on, here are the categories that I should cover:

  • The overall strategic challenges facing the bus business.
  • Any specific strategic challenges facing the operating company you have applied for.
  • What strategic actions you would take to address the above.
  • Your personal career ambitions.

This job is an absolute dream and I would seriously be honoured if I got it so i'm wanting to prepare as much as I can for it!!

I've got some ideas already but regarding the first two bullet points, would anyone have any suggestions or interesting ideas that I can work on?

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Get looking around at what other companies/councils etc have considered. Things like this will prove hugely valuable if only for a glance to see the ballpark, but there may be some really handy documents about that could shed a bit of light to at least get you thinking along the right tracks. Don't forget to reference any material you pull any tables/stats from though - not that you necessarily will.

Bottom of page 15, for example:

I think you mentioned some form of refurb/mechanical based role before? If so then you'll want to focus on the whole side of it being a challenge to provide a high-quality, reliable service which leads in to a need for fundamental strategic plans to be in place to maintain the service etc. Usual waffle but make sure there's meaning behind it every step of the way. Don't slip into the trap of being too focused though - make sure that you tailor it a little to the job (or at least department) that you're hoping to find yourself in, but don't be too blinkered away from the bigger picture.

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Those first two are sooo broard, how long are they expecting you to talk for? I think you need to merge them, outline the first then detail the second or you'll be waffling for a while.

I assume you have the answer?

I'd hate to answer the last one in an interview.. I mean what do you say.. "I wana be ceo" or "I want your job" ?

To be fair you've came this far, I doubt you need any help bud. Imagine them naked and you'll be fine (Y) (just don't laugh at their small penis's)

(What's the collective nown for penis? Peni, penises, penise.. the mind boggles)

*hadnt seen above post when I started writing

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