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chain tension

Max F

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I have a new Rohloff chain tensioner on my Inspired. Many people consider it as the best and strongest sprung tensioner you can get and I think it is.
But even though the tension is that strong, the chain keeps hitting the frame, especially when putting the rear wheel back down after backwards nose manuals. And the noise and feeling of that is annoying me.
I can easily push the chain down onto the frame with my hands and the sprung tensioner is moving just a very little bit upwards, so I think the spring could be as srong as it wants, as long as it bends just a little bit, the chain gets slack.

Do I have to live with this?

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if you have the right ratio and stay length, so you could run no tensioner, and just get a spoke to take out the remaining slack, that is in my eyes the ideal. if you can run a ratio like this then chain wrap (or lack of) shouldn't affect the performance. or just get your rohloff as close/tight as you can and use a chain stay protector.

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Sorry that my answer comes that late.
I actually just took one more link out of the chain. It doesn't even bother the tensioner, even tough the manual says I you shouldn't bend it that much.

And it actually feels a lot better now, and only hits the frame (of course I have a chainstay protector on) really few times.
If I'd remove that pin from the tensioner, it wouldn't work anymore, because the tensioner's arm would not lie against my frame.

Works fine for me now. Maybe the chain will strech enough so I can take out another link.
I can highly recommend the Rohloff tensioner. It's much better than the Trialtech one.

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