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Inspired Arcade - Some pics! Some advice?


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Hi all,

Got my Inspired Arcade yesterday and already think it's magnificent...

Here are a couple of pictures, but it's pretty standard!





I have a couple of questions if anyone can give advice (I guess this is directed at Ali C or Ben Travis or anyone who actually rides one)

1) Tyre Pressure: Pinch Flated on day 1 running 30 PSI, but the ride felt good... went out today running 40 rear and 36 front, and it felt a little to hard on the rear and made front wheel stuff really hard, but I'm still getting used to it. What kind of pressures do the 24" crowd run?

2) Bar position: So on the tarty bikes website the bars are pictured with the initial sweep straight up. This felt horrible to me, so I set it up with the bars much more forward like a traditional trial setup with the final sweep at the ends more up. However like that the front end didn't come up as well. I've settled on something in the middle (with the inspired logo about half way between cenetered in the stem and the bottom of the visible area - if you have this bike) This feels, too far back to me still but I'm forcing myself to adjust to it as I'm guessing that's how it should be ridden. Also I'm 5ft 8' I'd that makes a difference!?

3) Split Link: Only ever had a chain snap once and it was at the split link it went. With the Z610 being a very strong chain, is the split link now the weakest point, can the one provided live up to trials? Or should I rivet the chain?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Ps - Expect a video soon, but don't expect it to be any good after only riding 4 times in the last 4 years. Anyone wants to ride Bristol next month PM me, I'm busy for the remainder of September, but from October 4th / 5th ish onwards I'm gonna be dead keen to ride as much as possible (Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Porthcawl or anywhere near)

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1. I have 50psi ish in the back and about 45psi in the front. But I have Contis, I used to have Holy Rollers and they're no good for low pressures, I'd advise 40+, I hated harder tyres at first too but you get used to it. With those sidewalls you can't afford to run them anywhere near the average trials pressure.

2. Just try them at an angle that you know is too far back or forward for you, then move tiny amounts, less than 1mm until you cover every possibility and find the angle you like. In my opinion big bars like these feel horrible leant forwards, but it works for a few people. As a general rule I have them as far forward as I can before the bunny hop is affected, with the rise straight up or a bit leant back back.

3. With such a good chain why use a split link? You're creating the only weak link.

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Thank you both,

I'm gonna up my pressures to about 45-50 rear and 40-45 front next time I go out!

I'm gonna put the bars back so that the inspired logo is centred, that equates to the upsweep lining up with the head angle... was wondering if that logo that was intentionally placed for alignment, guess it was :)

Finally, I agree there should be not split link also and glad someone else thinks the same, but inspired sent the bike out with a split link and the chain cut to length... So what do I do? Trust the split link, buy a new chain? Could justify it if there is an even better chain maybe? Or can I salvage a few z610 excess chain links from someone on here on the forum?

So... Whose riding Bristol then?

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The split link is just easier for them to fit when it's built, it should be alright for a while, but the Arcade comes with pretty hard gearing so that's gotta make it a bit worse too. I'd try and ponce a couple of spare links off someone.

Because your head angle's so steep you can afford to roll the bars back & still be good for front wheel stuff, slacker frames suffer a lot more with bars rolled back, front wheel vs bunny hop ultimatum.

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I run 65psi in both, running contis. I never liked the holly rollers.

I run my bars slightly forward from inline with forks. I'm tallish and found that's where I liked them.

As for the split link, as said the gearing is harder then normal, I'm still running mine, I've never had any issues with split links. I find I break chains when joined without a split link, even on my comp bike I use them issue free.

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