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Marzocchi Fork Identification


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These came with a bike I bought recently but I'm not actually sure which model they are and I was wondering if anybody knew?

  • They appear to be Marzocchi judging by the M arch (Suntour built possibly?)
  • They have 140m travel
  • There are no adjusters top or bottom
  • There is a 20mm through axle help on by pinch bolts (The QR bit doesn't look original)
  • They weight a ton!





I can't find anything like them spec wise, I wondered if they were a hybrid of parts of others similar forks. Any help would be appreciated, also an indication of value as I don't think i need them as spares!

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Initial thoughts based on the description (photos didn't load) was something along the lines of the original DJ series, but I don't think they were 140mm long form memory. Now that pictures have come through the crown design looks similar, so I'd imagine something from a similar era, which at a guess would be circa 2003/2004ish.

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2.5kg iirc for the steel stanchion versions, the alloy versions were much lighter though

Any idea of value of these? The prices seem to vary wildy and i know longer travel straight steerer 1 1/8th forks are sought after as they are thin on the ground. I was thinking £80-100 with a respray, fresh decals, seals and oil

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I personally wouldn't have put too much value on them, they're non adjustable and the steel stanchions so would guess they're either a base level oem trail fork or DJ.

Cleaned up and serviced I would say 50-75 off the top of my head, knowing which model they are might help.

Fwiw I paid 80 for my 44 rc3ti, 110 for my 44 tst micro and 180 for my x fusion vengeance hlr. All straight steerer and the x fusion are the best of the lot and in many ways equivalent to most modern forks.

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