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Built a tool for installing fittings into brake hose


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I never liked the idea of installing rim brake fittings to the brake hose using a vise and a hammer. It would be so much easier to have something similar to the chain tool, that can press the fitting into the hose. Also, you don't always have vice and hammer with you :)


The are some tools on the market for installing disk brake fittings, but they don't seem to be compatible with magura rim brake fittings. I found only one tool for installing rim brake fittings, but it is designed for usage in workshops, therefore it is large and expensive.


So I decided to build the tool myself, and make it in a portable, pocket size, so I can put it with a bleed kit and a bottle of fluid, and have it with me just in case. Quite satisfied with the result, the tool works really nice.




Using it is pretty simple. At first, you put the fitting with the guide into the hose




Then, you install the hose with the guide into the tool



And fix the hose in PU clamps of the tool using allen key



Now it's time to start pressing the fitting into the hose



The fitting goes into the hose really smooth, no extra efforts needed



And it's done!


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2 minutes ago, Luke Rainbird said:

Overengineered solution to a problem that doesn't really exist, but very nicely executed. Kudos ^_^

Have you ever torn the brake hose or broken the fitting while riding? I have, and a few times. One time it happened during competitions. I don't know how I managed to press the fitting using bare hands, a pedal and a lighter, but after that I decided to build this tool. 

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On 14/08/2018 at 4:10 AM, Canardweb said:

That is a great idea! Where did you get these PU clamps? And what is that guide made from? Any guide to build that tool?

I made PU clamps of a piece of polyurethane, it was polyurethane for shoe repairing that I bought years ago for making brake pads.

The guide is made from alu tube and 1.8 mm spoke centered in the tube with grub screws.

I don't have any guide, but I can send you some drawings if you want.

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