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My Avid BB5 is freezing?


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Anything lower than -4c and you can start to feel the sluggishness at the lever. Today at -7c it was really bad, to the point where the housing popped out of the adjustment barrel on release.

I'll be riding this bike home tomorrow morning in -15c, so we'll really see how bad it gets. I played around a little and the cable feels pretty smooth through the housing, and the lever is not the issue, that leaves the actual brake its self where the issue must be. The rear one doesn't have any issues. So I'm assuming whatever lube or grease is in there is becoming thicker in the cold temps?

How can I resolve this?

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39 minutes ago, Tom Booth said:

First port of call would be swap the cable to some sort of oil filled tube device, I'd say.

I reckon that'd work :)

edit: in reality it is easy to isolate the stiffness in a BB brake and it would only need a tiny amount of moisture in there to freeze to seize it up.

Stick the caliper in a bowl of rice for a couple of days and see if it releases at all when it's cold.

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On 12/21/2021 at 12:33 AM, monkeyseemonkeydo said:

Or any moisture in the system freezing completely? Will it be getting wet at all?

Yeah it gets wet all the time.

10 hours ago, Tom Booth said:

First port of call would be swap the cable, I'd say.

From what I can tell the issue is at the actual caliper, the lever pulls freely and the cable seems to be the same way too.

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