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Carbon Fibre Bike Parts.


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I'm looking at pimping up the old bike with a few carbon fibre products.

So far I've got onza carbon fibre bars, soon to be getting RB lever and a onza carbon fibre booster, but I can't think of much else to change to carbon fibre.

Can you please give me some ideas on what carbon fibre products I should get.


Marc :P

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i were gonna say pace carbon fibre hubs:p. u can probs get carbon fibre bmx rear hubs somewhere. be the racing ones, but nothin a custom axle wudn't cure (if it needed one:p)

i'll be gettin ma old ESP 9.0SL carbon fibre shifter and mech on in a couple o weeks. ain't bin used for a good 2 years, n needs some work. but will post when done :P

again, bars, top cap, forks, hubs, those hayes discs is sposed to be pretty good. do they do em to fit the 9inch DH rotors? that would be bitchin!!! then u got ur frame protectors too.


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shame they are the shittest brakes for trials. i had one, they have no hold whatsoever

hayes are the best dh brakes going, but shit for trials

Aye you sure about that? I can tell you now that it is better than any disc i have used before. It was cack when i got it but then realised the pads sold with it had grease on them?!? new pads and shes a gem!

That would include:

Magura Julie

Hope Mini old style

Clim 8 6 pot

Only thing i reckon that comes close that i have used in my own bike is a hope c2

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