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Dream Team


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Right, something to cut the bordom.

If you could have a team of 5 riders to promote your company, who would they be?

Mine would be:

Ali C (from videos he seems like a VERY underatted rider)

Waynio (yet again the same, seen Encounters and it opened my eye to trials)

TRA, he's simply a beast that front a company product very well.

Prawn (seen a video recently and think he's a very good rider)

Tim Steadman (from video's i've seen I reckon he would do well representing the company)

Thats my list, not exactly all the big massive gap drop kind of people and the most UCI based selection. Just a handful of some riders I would personally class as my favourite.

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5 Riders


Matt Staples - His style is so good, and can tap stupidly high things, with great consistancy.

Andy P - So smooth, but can still gap nearly 9ft static.

Jon Shrewsbury - After watching him at hop idol, he thinks of the most origonal lines.

Danny Holroyd - He can flow better then water i swear and is also still stupidly good.

Ben Slinger - I love his style down to the bone. He knows exactly what hes doing, and how to do it. Doesn't stop to think, just hop gap switch gap drop and your done.

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Matt Staples <-- Young up and coming rider

Andrew Chai <-- Young up and coming rider

Scott Pitcher <-- Young up and coming rider

Mr Ashton <-- Wealth of experience and knowledge

Ali Clarkson <-- Best on natural and getting better and better

That team would have a bit of balance, and the majority being young will ensure some potential gets developed (Y)

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hehee (without intending to be cocky)


1 TIM PRATT -has such an enthusiasm for life itself

-has such an origonal skill/style on a bike

-a pioneer for the genre

2 ME -hey its my team

3 JOHN SHREWSBURRY -has a cool flow to his skills

4 NICK GODDARD -grand master smooth

-awesome video editing

i think id keep it to 4?

(5 eddie tounge... so that nobody moans about me being orkward)

this is quite a realistic team

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (gives me an idea)

phil feeney

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Gilles Coustellier - Beacause i love his style and hes a beast

Kenny Belay - Smooooooth as you like!

Benito Ross - Goes big!!!!

Ben Slinger - Great rider!

Eddie Tongue - Very smooth flowing style. Can ride street and natural very well

Stan (Y)

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Vincent Hermance (my hero)

Benito Ros

Gilles Coustellier

Giacomo Coustellier

Ben Slinger

Simple as that, no one else. Yes Very UCI, but thats how i like it. All have a good compramise between crazy big and smooth easy style. None of them look shit when riding either.

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Matt Staples (really cool guy and amazing rider)

Craig Lee Scott (mahusive moves)

Andy Chai (hexcellent rider)

Boon (cool streety stuff)

James Porter (for a 15,16 year old hes damn good (Y) and hes ginger :- along with matt :- )

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Benito Ros because hes spanish and ace (Y)

Craig Lee Scott so bentio would have some competion

Kenney Bealey because hes under estimated and just plain ACE

Neil Tunnicliffe for some big moves

Damon Watson just to watch him try the same lines as the other guys, plus an up coming silly guy :-

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Kenny Belay - There's something about his riding (Y)

Benito Ross - Think he is a nutter after seeing Koxx Days video's

Ben Slinger - Smooth, love his style

Boon - The Street beast

Rossi - Like his big fat taps :-

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people do love staples.

i would have.

chai cos i ride with him and i want his sexy chai ass. (Y)

matt cos he teach me so much.

gotta say danny butler... met him at the weekend and hes a great laugh and an excellent rider

me main man bt buddy ben. thats ben jolley on tf. he never posts.

and my borthers. gilles and giamaco <sp>


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