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very good vid fletch, you have improved so much (Y) loving the bit of ginger in there aswell, that makes it good enough to watch again :D

i did think some of the angles were a bit shit but if you havent got anyone to hold it then you may as well just work with what you can. :)

nice one fletch :-

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The riding was big! :(" But the actual vid was a tad repetative, and a bit too low quality.

but some of the riding was a bit ballsy. :S


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Cheers, i should say that it was actually my college project, and the 2 different song r from 2 different topics. There i can use the same clips because it was for college my project mainly.

As i said, i would have liked some more of my newer moves and lines but beggers cant be choosers. so i used what footage i had.

p.s. the song is rude :S (in my books)

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it was alright.. now i know it was for a project i can kinda see the idea behind it all. But it was just.. super repetetive (usage of clips i.e. at 3:20) with really awful editing and bad quality. Im not being harsh here im just saying that those factors seemed to destory what could have been a very good video.

not wanting to leave with loads of negatives it was really good riding!

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