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Seats On Stocks?


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ive been wondering recently about getting a proper seat for my bike and it sucks not been able to sit down etc what do you people who have a proper seat use? i would like something quite skinny and minimum not a great bit chuncky fooker, also if anyone is selling one i may be intrested i guess.

theres a pic if that helps as to what will look good

IPB Image


edit ok link not working as imaheshack is doin maintenance or sumat

http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index....ic=54937&st=120 bottom page 7 might work

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What frame do you have?

I have a selle italia nitrox on my ashton 24, put it on an echo pure too, cant get much slimmer than that, looks loke a forking dildo as it is..

Gives you piles too (or something like that) :P

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was going to on my saracen, had a old seat i stripped down and was going to fabric it union jack to go with my lil colour scheme but now the frames written off wont be doing that now but was free, got it in a bin at work exp. cos the fabric had a minor "chink" out of it and so was worthless to them

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Leeson carbon seat? Ti rails. Pretty pimp, but it's really hard so you can't really sit down. Oh, and it's £70 or something. Oh well.

I don't like the look of it anymore after seeing yours lol, it's look big/fat, I prefer a more slime line one.

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