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Frame Temperature Tolerance


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I'm looking at getting my frame powder coated, i asked the company who are going to do it whether they use slow bake ovens as im unsure of what temperatures my frame can withstand, and the company have asked me what temperature my frame can go to!?

I have a stock Koxx Levelboss (Strange seatube one!) and i was wondering if anyone knows what kind of rough temperatures the frame can withstand as i dont want to weaken or melt my frame!!

Any feedback would be much appreciated by anyone who has an idea!

Thanks a lot,


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I'm not messing around, i'm more than happy to get it done, the company asked me to let them know what the frame could withstand, so i thought if someone had some idea it may help them out - i don't understand how me answering the companies quiery results in replies like this.

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What aluminium is the koxx made of?

6000 Series


7005 -T6


7075 - T6


Processing properties at the bottom are what you'll want to be concerned with. Im no materials expert but I think if you keep your temps below what's shown you shouldn't have any problems. If you are still in doubt tell them that you simply cannot find out, tell them the material and they shouldbe able to sort it out for you. Im suprised they even have to ask i'd expect them to know if you can tell them the specifics of the material.

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My mate got his Onza T-Raptor powder coated. It had obviously been taken to quite a high temperature, and I assume left to cool really slowly (perhaps left in the oven to cool?).

When the frame was returned, it was much softer, and starting bending on the smallest of trials moves. In the end he bought a new frame, and we actually managed to break up the Onza by hand!! If I'd have known I'd have kept the BB and sent it to Onza for a replacement, but it's long gone now...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but surely the temperature at which the whole frame melts is lower than when the welds start to weaken? But obviously frames get powder coated somehow - it must be safe.

i think it depends on the welding mehod and the material, but it doesn't matter much basically you want to avoid going anywhere near temperatures that could affect the properties of the metal. I don't know what temp's are required for baking a powder coat, but it also depends on the time it take's to complete it. It would need to be kept at high temperature's for quite a while to have a real detremental effect but I do think it's something worth considering....

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will b absolutley fine


The company are annoying me now, they don't answer anything - they're vague with answers, and dont give quotes or available colours. They say they do free collection and delivery but told me to just post it to them.

I sent you an email about powder coating a day or two ago..........


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