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Koxx Stock Forks

Wright Pads

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Okay my new frame needs some curveed raked forks!

I run a 180 mono trial, if i use Koxx forks i'd need a 210mm dsc, Hope wont do this!

So what other forks disc only are out there alike the Koxx ones?

I though about Controls...but anyhting eles?


Hope must be talking rubbish then, my friend had the same problem trying to run a C2 on those forks.

He spoke to Hope and they made a special floating rotor for it, no idea what size it is but its bloody huge.

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Nice find but i really want disc only not even 4 bolt on them.

Mike why do i hold the deler data sheets in my hand then! Why do i get 99% of what ever u want out of them! Why do i get it so cheap, less than trade + vat.....?

I do belie you've gone about the places like you own Hope or it's someone eles that i'm msistaking you for!

Anyway this is about forks and the mear fact of what eles is out there nice and sexy and curverd

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The wont do over 200mm on the mono trials! Not even floating. I've asked and the fact i'm family usally means i get allowed what i want but they said no out right!

Doesnt your uncle also own EBC or something like that, I know you said EBC was family as well.

My 24Seven forks would prolly be exactly what your after, +20 Disc only raked forks... altho dont think you can buy them separately

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So are the koxx forks +30mm then? Can't say i've ever really looked at koxx forks so i dont have a clue.

Could you not have one made specially, seeing as you know all these people and your dad owns EBC, they makes brakes for all sorts of things as i'm sure your well aware. Maybe get him to make you a one off?

I think if your going to be this fussy about how it looks the only real option is to get one custom built, though i don't know where you'd need to go or who you'd need to ask for this.

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My Dad (sum Dad he is) owns EBC and Spike they guy in charge of the mtb there is my godfather.

From the EBC website:

"Founded in 1978, the EBC Brakes Group is still a private company owned exclusively by the current managing director Andy Freeman."

Go on then Pete, why isn't it Andy Wright?

I remember back in the S7 days that someone with motorcycle links with EBC rang up asking for a Mr Wright. Turns out the only person who matched who you claimed was your Dad worked in a warehouse, he wasn't the owner of the company...

Umm it'll do but not really what i was after as it wont match tut rear!

Then get a matching Magura disc for the rear too?

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My mum when she was alive got re marrried...though of that and maybe the fact Andy is not my direct biological father and a hell of a lot more!

Many people these days do not have the same surnames as there ''father/dad''!

Also Jonathen Wright is wearhouse maganger, he's the man you go to more than anything on the motorcycle side of things.

EBC have there discs made in Thiawan.

It has to be a Hope Mono trials cos i have some after work done to my disc to change the shap, pad contact aera and weight to them!

Koxx forks do snap...how ever i never said thats what i exactly wanted.

Echo Controls seam spot on

Viz as much as Dan and i have let what be be, i don't like the look of them sadly!

BT's just too big nd gash i think for my new frame!

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My mum when she was alive got re marrried...

come on pete, theres a limit!

pierre, gareth, bigman and I had coffee in your kitchen with your mum and dad at your family home in portishead after the bike show 2004....

dont be silly man, i know you have connections to hope, im not having a go,

im saying think before you type.

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